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Roth IRA

IRAs  Traditional  Roth
Eligibility Must have actual income, must be younger than 70 and one half years old.  Income must be under $110, 000 if single, under $160,000 combined if married.
Contribution Cannot exceed $2,000 Cannot exceed $2,000
Deductibility Yes; only if employer does not offer other retirement plan No
Tax Advantages of Contributions Tax deferred if income less than $41,000 or $61,000 combined if married. Also allows greater growth with larger, tax-free investment. When money payed out of fund, no taxes due, even on interest
Tax Penalties With exceptions, 10% penalty tax on money removed before age 50 and one half.  Though some exceptions, 10% excise tax if money is taken prior to age 59 ½ and not held more than five years. 
Required Distributions No later than April first after turning age 70 and one half. None

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